Cleaning and Hospitality Committee

The main goal of the Cleaning and Hospitality Committee is to create and maintain a clean, safe, hygienic and green worshiping environment both inside and the outside premises of the church building. The committee is dedicated to uphold the saying ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ by making sure that our church is kept clean, tidy and shiny at all times – so it remains pleasant and aesthetic to the worshipers and brings honour to God’s place . The committee consistently encourages and enforces active participation of the church members in the merry-go-round cleaning activities through regular reminding of upcoming cleaning schedules.

The committee is also entrusted with the duty of showing hospitality and promoting fellowship mainly during church services. It is responsible for hosting and serving of refreshments to not only guests but also church members at the time of congregational refreshments and main church holidays. In cooperation with other committees (as required) it makes sure that tables are timely setup, adequate dining wares and drinks are available, guests and member attendees are offered sits and refreshments, dishes are washed, the hall is properly cleaned and the doors are securely locked up. It maintains the church premise’s beauty and greener surroundings.

“By wisdom a house is built, & through understanding it is established.”

Proverbs 24:3