Building Committee

This committee has been engaged in various activities, including organizing fund raising events to enable our church to buy her own building/property. Although this committee’s primary objective is to raise funds, looking out for ideal properties, consulting with financial institutes to secure loan/mortgage and sharing experiences with other churches are the other areas of focus.

Due to a very expensive real estate market and limited Public Assembly zones in the lower mainland, our church faces a steep challenge to purchase the desired property. However, through continuous hard work and generosity of our members and other Christians in our community, we believe, our prayers will be answered in the near future. This committee encourages everyone to contact any one of its members with suggestions and other comments to speed up our collective journey towards the blessed Goal.

Currently, this committee has the following members (left to right): Ato Yakob Asfaw, Ato Thomas Yiheyis, W/o Aster Tedla, W/o Tigist Yirgu (chairperson) Ato Tesfa Berhane (Secretary), Ato Tariku Tesfa, Ato Getahun Zewdie (not in picture) and W/o Aster Ghebre (not in picture).

You may see the building pledge list form from here