New Comers

Moving to a new country involves a formidable challenge of adapting to new weather conditions, meeting people and making new friends, finding a place to live and securing health care services, accessing education and employment opportunities and acquiring other basic necessities. A newcomer also faces an immediate urge of learning new financial systems, local transportation networks, government chains and functions, shopping practices, custom policies, etc.

If you have recently settled in or are planning to move to metro-Vancouver area [we at] the Hohite Semay Saint Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is pleased to warmly welcome you with a unique Ethiopian hospitality so that you and your family contentedly resettle and learn the socio-cultural and geopolitical conditions of BC in general and metro-Vancouver in particular. We are prepared to help you learn and enjoy public and spiritual services, social activities and recreational programs. We will assist you improve your language skills, get driver’s license or identity card & social insurance number (SIN), access employment and education services and get your credentials recognized. We are also committed to help you learn your legal rights and responsibilities.

The task of welcoming and guiding newcomers is facilitated by a team of well-dedicated Fellowship Committee members. For further information contact Fellowship Committee at:

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Important Links for Newcomers

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